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How many days until the Restoration of the Constitutional Republic?

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On this page, you will find my views and interests. Scroll to the bottom to see my favorites and links

I am a recent college grad now grinding away in the emasculated, culture of Corporate America. I have professional interests in:

On Life:

I believe that struggle is what gives meaning and preciousness to life. Therefore, only the philosophies of individualism, self-reliance and aggressive self-defense are compatible with survival.
Weakness, in the form of non-violent philsophies, compromise and nihilism, is not noble.
Although I agree with the Objectivist and Libertarian Party's principle of barring the use of force in the relations between individuals, I also recognize that violence is a reality of life and human survival and ethical individuals must learn how to apply it and use it in self-defense. The same applies for nations. Initiating force is wrong, but retaliation for the purpose of self-preservation is moral.
There is no afterlife. There is nothing after death, so life better be enjoyed now, while it lasts! Be glad that you can breathe and enjoy freedom.

On government:

I believe in individual liberty and rational self-interest as the philosophies that can result in the greatest good for everyone, therefore, only a government that does not interfere with the activities of individuals is just. And interference includes taxation, regulation, prohibition or monitoring of activites that do not infringe on the rights of others.


  • Free food
  • Free shelter
  • Free medical care
  • Free education
  • A secure job
  • A minimum wage
  • Protection from obscenity or discrimination
  • Free 24 hour bodyguard service from the police
  • Recreation
  • A retirement pension
  • A "stablized" economy
  • Protection of your industry or company from competition

The rest of society receives the above items only because our Socialist government robs it at gun point from the more productive citizens.

After seeing Saving Private Ryan, it dawned on me that the sacrifices of America's veterans were being squandered by our politicians and counter-culture.

"We are reduced to the alternative of choosing an unconditional surrender to the tyranny of irritated ministers, or resistance by force.
The latter is our choice.
We have counted the costs of this contest and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery.
Honor, justice and humanity forbid us to tamely surrender that which we received from our galliant ancestors and which our posterity have the right to receive from us.
We can not bear the guilt and infamy of condemning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage upon them.

Thomas Jefferson

There is only one choice for a truly just and proper government:

In short, individuals DO NOT OWE ANYTHING to anyone else, unless by voluntary agreement.
Mortgagers owe banks for their loans. Whites DO NOT owe reparations to minorities.
Defendants owe paintiffs for civil damages. Successful minorities DO NOT owe anything to their communities.
Anyone who believes I have a "social responsibility" to help others, whether they know it or not, when their social agenda is carried out to its logical conclusion, means FASCISM and TYRANNY.

On Guns, Sociological Dilemmas and Natural Rights:

Based on serious studies, I believe that individuals with open access to firearms will result in a society will lower crime. Concealed weapons on the average citizen is the ultimate deterrance to criminal attacks. the rationale that criminals will escalate in force to commit their acts is flawed. Criminals rationally weigh the expected benefits of their behavior and the potential risk. In a disproportionately unarmed population, the risk of bodily injury to the criminal is low, even if the risk of resistance, apprehension and conviction is high. However, in a pool of victims where the presence of lethal ranged arms is both dense and distributed (meaning, almost eveyone is packing), the upper-limit risk to the criminal is death.
Resisting a criminal attack with a firearm very seldom result in shots exchanged. In instances where a victim was injured, the likelihood of injury decreased when the victim resisted with a gun. Check liberal professor Gary Kleck's study!
And even if those statistics did not exist, regardless of the firearms situation or external circumstances, owning firearms is both a property right and the right to defense of one's own life. Like other natural rights, they are not written or made by any legislator, king or vote. The rights to indiviual life, individual liberty and private property exist whether or not there is a government. Those rights can not metaphysically repealed. Any involuntary, non-consenting, restriction or coercion on those rights automatically constitute a VIOLATION and INFRINGEMENT on those rights. This is what is meant by INALIENABLE. In short, natural rights are "physically repealed" when someone sticks a gun in you in a back alley. Natural rights can only be defended by physcial means, which includes, but not limited to emptying a clip into your attacker.

Dangerous weapons may be owned, but not used in a way that infringes on the rights of those who have not committed a crime.

There are two segments of gun-prohibitionists:

1. Those with a political agenda
2. And those that are misinformed

Those with a political agenda fit into the larger movement of statism and egalitarianism. Liberals fully realize that their attempts at social engineering and the elimination of male-warrior-egoist culture can not succeed while the citizens have the means to physically resist the pogroms' enforcers.
Minority advocates of gun prohibition rail against the firearms warrior culture for high rates of crime in their ethnic enclaves, while they ignore cultural factors like machismo and legal factors like the licensing process which excludes law-abiding minorities.
Those that are misinformed may simply have an irrational fear of firearms, are intolerant of different American cultures, choose to be non-violent or simply never thought the issue through.
I can respect a person who voluntarily choose to never use force in any circumstances, even in self-defense. However, I take offense when they want to restrict me and others from excercising a personal choice.
Why is that? Perhaps they feel inferior to more self-reliant and aggressive people? Perhaps they do not see the correlation between crime, armed citizen concentration and psychological deterance.

That is more of a statement on modern man. Controlled, collectivist urban citizens have become soft and emasculated. I often question whether this generation can stand up and have the same boldness and audacity to fight for their lives or cower in surrender to our enemies.

Critics often complain about the amount of firearms in this country, as if they think the solution was to pass some giant magical gun magnet over the continental United States and all the guns would fly out from every closet and drawer.
Firearms can not be eliminated, unless the police kicks down the door of every single home, searches through every drawer, frisks every American citizen and ask every anti-gun rat to snitch out their neighbors' families. And even then, there will be resisters like me who will stockpile hundreds of firearms in preparation for the overthrow of an unconstitutional, illegal occupation of my country.

To the Pigs in Power:

You donít know who we are, but we know who YOU are! Like the Nazis at Nuremberg, you will HANG for Waco!

Guns are the key to the survival of the superior "sociological" race. Regardless of skin-color, the majority of every race is law-abiding and respect the rights of others. However, moral deterioration leads to the erosion of positive values and respect, ending in cultural suicide.


It is the burden of the law-abiding and honorable citizens to preserve their culture for their children. That can not be accomplished when criminal subcultures are able to project force and intimidation without defiance and retalitation.

The Gun is killing power, but it is an inanimate object, controlled only by malicious individuals, who made individual choices. Like a an animal protecting her young, I believe parents are obligated to protect their children. Like animals teaching their young to safely travel and gather food, parents must teach their children about their natural rights and the reality of survival. A physically able individual who will not stand up for himself, even in spirit, is below pity and beyond contempt.

On social philosophy:

I am a citizen, patriot and am proud of the United States of America. I appreciate very much the sacrifices of our veterans. I find the small problems and "angst" of others laughable, like complaining about their car insurance and pension plans. They should look at the big picture and breathe a sigh of relief that they're not rotting in some decaying Third World dirthole. Those that bitch and moan about so-called "racism", "poverty" and "war" should also be a little more appreciative that greater men then ourselves fought and died so that we are not sitting in concentration camps, speaking German or Japanese.

Does this mean I fully support all the policies and actions of the United States?

I believe that Americans no longer control the United States government and that our territory is occupied by a Leviathan bureaucracy, employing persons that I did not vote for, that do not respect my rights and are willing to sacrifice my liberty for goals that I do not believe in and laws that I never consented to.
It is this generation that must fight where we stand to preserve this nation for succeeding generations. If it were not for the WWII generation, the anti-military Left would not have the luxury of hating our soldiers.
Although my fat ass is not in shape to go into combat, if America was threatened by foreign or DOMESTIC enemies, I would drop everything and risk my life to defend America, and her ideals of individualism and liberty.
I believe in "social Darwinism", in the rational surviving and keeping the rewards of their work and letting the irrational fail. Laws regulating the carrying and concealment of firearms, drugs, prostitution, gambling, civil rights, assisted suicide or any other statute restricting an individual's voluntary activities that do not infringe on the rights of others, MUST BE NULLIFIED.
Although I do not condone any self-destructive activities, I believe individuals should make their own choices and live with the consequences. I object to the government restricting people from doing self-destructive activites. I object to the anti-tobacco company lawsuits (you read the warning)

No person should be compelled through taxation to pay for another person's mistakes.

The government should not be funding heroin-needle-exchange programs, abortions for low-income mothers, condoms for public schools. Teenage parents and low-income families should think first before having children.
I do not believe in social justice. The knee-jerk reaction to social Darwinism is,"What about children and old people starving in the streets?"


My answer is,"YOU have the right to help them if you want. You have the right to ASK ME to help them also. But you have NO right to have the IRS threaten me with prison top pay for your programs.

The statist paradox:

This is something that I came up with through arguements with many a liberal:

So you hate the FBI and the CIA and any other fascist secret police because they oppress the poor. However, you want government to "go after" the rich fat cats and re-distribute the wealth to the poor.

But what if people resist? (And they will)
What if tax-protest groups turn violent? How can you stop them? You'll need:

That's right!
You'll need a national police force to monitor the population to make sure people pay their taxes

But what about the police brutality and invasion of privacy?
Unless you want to alter your policy and have the FBI and IRS go after only the rich. Then they'll simply pack up and leave the US.
Unless of course, you want to stop them. But you would need a warrant to do that right? And in order to get a warrant, the rich fat cats must have committed a crime first.
And you may say that they have committed crimes against the underclass. But then what if I just walked by a beggar and ignored him? Should I be arrested for that?

No? Well why do you want to arrest and lock up someone for evading taxes?

"Everyone has to pay their taxes!" you say? Says whom?
Oh, that's right, those men in tactical gear and guns called the I.R.S., that great Robin Hood that steals from the rich and gives to the poor!
Do you now understand what we are up against? Do you now realize the full impact of your mindless chants for "social justice" in the media and textbooks? I'll take it one step further:

You will now rationalize and say,"I have nothing to worry about from the police because I've done nothing wrong."
Did the Jews under Hitler in 1930's Europe do anything wrong? Did the Russians in the 1920s under Stalin do anything wrong? Did the Japanese-American citizens detained during WWII do anything wrong?

This goes back to my views on life: Unless you are aggressive and paranoid enough to question authority, no matter how seemingly benign, rationalization and emotionalism will shut you out from reality. If people get the government they deserve, then 90% of Americans deserve to live (or die) under Stalin. And by the time you finally open your eyes, you will be on a packed train car with other refugees, being shipped off into the darkness.

Question Authority!

On society's ills

I'm not going to write a sociology book here so I'll get to the point: People have become too comfortable, compared to our caveman days. They refuse to see reality. Entertainment has become an addiction, not a temporary escape. When life's problems face them, they refuse to take action. And when times are good, they shut out the tragedies that are lurking right around the corner. People "need" Social Security because they didn't save for their future in the beginning. In cases where their savings were involuntarily taken, there are recourses for that, but I'm talking about people who just didn't "feel comfortable" thinking about their old age. Now the Social Security system has been exposed for what it is, a pyramid scheme. Now a chunk of our paychecks are taken out and people in my age group cannot expect to see one penny from SS!
Now what? Do we kick millions and millions of Social Security recipients off? Very tempting. The Libertarian Party has an interesting idea: Transfer all the SS accounts over to private IRAs and after a cut off date, everyone will be responsible for their own retirement.
Average Joe: But I don't WANT to take responsibility for my own retirement. I want the government to take care of me!
Well, sir, if you refuse to even think for yourself, then you truly do deserve to have vultures pecking at the eyes of your carcass.

As a former Conservative, I could not reconcile the contradiction of economic liberty with that of social values. So get ready for a libertarian defense of the family and religion with a Darwinian twist:
I believe the traditional nuclear family is the most economical and rational arrangement. However, that arrangement must NEVER be legislated upon anyone.
If people do not want to start a family, let them do so. Families or not, I still want everyone to enjoy the advantages of their choice, while taking the responsbility in their own decisions. In the end, I think, the family will prevail. If the counterculture is so destructive, then let them destroy themselves. We have no moral obligation to protect destructive persons from themselves.
And for those hetereosexual men who oppose homosexuality, allow me to present to you the statistical reality of the gay population and how it immensely benefits us straight dudes!
Let's look at the population pool of men, looking for a mate in the population pool of women.
If two men decide to enter into a homosexual relationship, they have effectively removed themselves from the male pool! This means the supply of eligible bachelors become ever more scarce, therefore, increasing the demand from the female population! Get it? Two less men, equals, two more women for us! Get it? Go Gays!

Economic philosophy:

I believe in unrestricted, unregulated, free-market, laissez-faire enterprise. There should be a separation of market and state. The only role of the federal government in trade should be to prevent states from restricting commerce and prosecute involuntary labor. The United States Treasury should issue only currency backed by gold reserves and the Federal Reserve or any form of central banking should be abolished.
Business owners and managers should not be protected by the government from bankruptcy or competition. Businesses should be free to form so-called "monopolies" and all legal barriers to entry into any market should be prohibited.
When a company goes out of business, because its managers were incompetent or another company came up with a better way to satisfy customers, then the more efficient and "fit" business will rightly survive. Individuals and corporations that do not adapt imposes no moral duty on society to artificially keep it afloat through tariffs or "corporate welfare". Those that have been downsized or are afraid of being downsized should learn to think ahead, by expanding their skills, cutting up their credit cards and starting their own IRA. No one else is going to do it for you.

Business should be free to fly and free to fall

All licensing of doctors, lawyers or any other professional should be on a voluntary basis and non-licensed practioners should be required only to inform their client/patient/customer of their non-licensed status. Let disputes be settled in civil court or private arbitration.
The reason why medicine is so expensive is because the the government reduces the supply of medical care by creating artificial barriers to the field of medicine by requiring mandatory licensing of doctors. Pharmaceuticals are also incredibly expensive because the FDA requires mandatory testing and registration of medicines and the DEA prohibits the use of other types of drugs. This is why the costs of Medicare and Medicaid are skyrocketing! Because the government unintentionally (sometimes intentionally) denies people access to the much lower costs of healthcare that would exist if the market was allowed to naturally adjust.
The "commerce clauses" of the US Constitution in Articles I and IV should be amended to:

Legal philosophy:

The Supreme Court must not be permitted to interpret the United States Consitution and the justices are NOT the "living Constitution". No where in the Constitution is the power to interpret it specified. The power to nullify unjust laws is also the power to uphold them. Unjust laws will be restricted by procedural constraints, designed to deadlock the process.
Individuals have the right to enter in legal contracts under whatever terms the parties agree too. No asociation should be prohibited as long as both parties voluntarily agree to the conditions.
Civil courts should establish a "loser pays all" rule, whereby frivilous cases and corruption are reduced.
In criminal cases, juries retain the right to jury nullification where they may acquit a defendant regardless of the evidence presented against him. This is a check on unjust laws.
Defendants, prior to questioning, must have the right to counsel, whether a licensed attorney or not.
Will I see all those changes in my lifetime? Not very likely, but those are the principles that I stand on.
Does it sound crazy? Yes.
Will I moderate my views? No. I have no psychological need to belong to any collective. I do not need People magazione to tell me "Who's Sexy This Year", nor do I need a laugh track on a TV show to tell me what's funny, nor do I check an opinion poll to tell me what I should think.
Does this mean I'm going to give up?
Not a chance.
What am I going to do about it?
It wouldn't be a secret if I told you. Besides, people like the FBI do not want people airing their naughty naughty thoughts over the "Anarchnet"

Philosophical philosophy:

As Ayn Rand put it, "Reality exists independent of one's mind. In order to control, reality, one's mind must first realize the rules of reality, though reason and logic, NOT EMOTION AND FEELINGS." Therefore, I do not believe in the "supernatural" fields of thought, like Plato's Demiurge, Immanuel Kant's Altruist Maxims, Karl Marx's Dialetic Materialism, Nietchze's Nihilism or today's "social consciousness."
I do believe in an objective, universal code of morality and ethics, not based on any God or authority. I do not believe in God in the sense of any modern organized religion but agree that codes like the Ten Commandments, when not forced on anyone, benefit society overall.
Am I saying that Objectivism will lead to a life free from sin and mistakes?
No. But its better than wallowing in self-pity and angst...

I am in my early twenties. Assuming I'll not have any medical conditions (physical conditions, anyway), I can expect a life span of 80 years. Of those 80 years, I have 60 left. Of that 60, I have 40 in which I am capable of independence. Of those 40, I have 20 years in which I am at my physical peak. Understand that I want to accomplish the objectives listed above before my time ends, whether the masses of people like it or not. One day, all hands will be out of our pockets.

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    We will NEVER forget our veterans!

    Russia and China shall pay dearly for conducting experiments on Prisoners of War. The political whores that turned their backs on our soldiers shall receive what's coming to them.

    Lament, traitors, for that day is coming.

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